Introducing 'Pay Per Client' - The Zero Risk Service For Acquiring All The Clients You Want

Introducing 'Pay Per Client' - The Zero Risk Service For Acquiring All The Clients You Want


Barry Rothwell, Partner, Rothwell McHugh

“As a result of working with Peter & Steve, my firm has transformed. I dreamed of having a highly profitable and well-ran ship with 6 support staff, which is what we have now.

"The Client Acquisition Machine quickly helped us become a client magnet! We are now maxed out with clients and in the fortunate position of having a client waiting list.

"Every year we remove ‘problem clients’ and replace them with new clients from the waiting list. If you run an accounting firm, you’re ambitious and you’re looking to jump to the next level then at the very least you should meet with AccountantsGROWTH. You won’t be disappointed!”


A Quick 3-Minute Summary...

When it comes to growing your accounting firm, you've probably been promised the earth, only to be left underwhelmed. The Pay Per Client service is totally different. Here’s why...

  • Who Is The Pay Per Client Service For? This is perfect for you if you're an ambitious accountant with at least 50 business clients and a burning desire to grow your firm without financial risk. You must also have capacity to take on several new business clients every month.
  • What Does The Pay Per Client Service Include? During the first 28 days we'll create, tailor to your firm and install the entire Client Acquisition Machine (see below).
  • What Results Can I Expect? Initially, maybe 2 or 3 clients per month, but building to at least 10 new business clients every month.
  • Why Are You Limiting The Service To Just 125 Firms Worldwide? To be more precise, here's how the numbers will be spread across the world: UK & Ireland: 25. USA & Canada: 95. Australia & New Zealand: 5. There are two important reasons for this. Firstly, part of the service is sending outreach emails to your ideal prospective clients. Our database is growing all the time, but we want to ensure we have the capacity to send 40,000 targeted emails per month for each accounting firm. The country splits above ensure we can deliver on that. Secondly, our objective is to work with a smaller number of firms, ensuring we have the “hands on” management to ensure they each become very successful. We don't want a large number of firms because that dilutes the number of clients we can deliver for each firm. 'Pay Per Client' is an 'exclusive club' and once we've reached 125 firms the doors are closing for good!
  • What Are The Costs? As you'll see below, we invest heavily in tailoring, installing and managing your Client Acquisition Machine. We have to be certain you're onboard, so we charge a modest one-off 3-figure engagement fee to ensure you have 'skin in the game'. We then charge a fractional monthly amount of the first years accounting fees paid by clients, generated by our Pay Per Client service.
  • There Are NO Other Fees: We promise there are no other fees. There are no advertising or retainer fees. No marketing costs. No design costs. No management fee... and so on. 
  • What's The Next Step? As we are only working with 125 accounting firms, we have to make sure this is the right fit for both of us. We do that over a no-obligation Zoom meeting (see calendar below) and once we’ve met and we both think we can work together, we'll invite you to join the Pay Per Client service.​

If you need more information before booking your meeting please read below what the Client Acquisition Machine includes...


This Is The Client Acquisition Machine We Tailor, Install And Manage Inside Your Firm To Attract New High-Value Clients To You Every Month 

As you can see from the Machine structure above, it has two key sections... 'Attraction Assets' and 'Delivery Mechanisms'.

'Attraction Assets' are created to make you irresistible to business owners looking for a new accountant. They set you apart from every other accountant and as you'll see below, nothing exists like these 4 assets anywhere (they are also all tailored to you). We've tested literally dozens of dozens of different assets and these 4 combine to make you an irresistible and magnetic force. 

The 2 'Delivery Mechanisms' simply deliver the 'Attraction Assets' to your clients (for many more referrals) and to a minimum of 10,000 prospective clients every month. It's this unique combination that ensures once installed and managed inside your accounting firm, we can be confident you'll acquire 10 or more clients each month!

Read on for a summary of each Attraction Asset and Delivery Mechanism...

How The Client Acquisition Machine Delivers Results Without Risk EVERY Single Month 

Only Pay For Results. Period!

As you know, traditional methods of growing an accounting firm are not as effective as they once were. Networking, telemarketing, LinkedIn outreach, Google Ads, and social media are more expensive than ever, certainly less predictable and way more time-consuming! And agency fees are on the rise too. More importantly NONE of these activities come with guarantees of success!

But with the 'Pay Per Client' service you can STOP paying for and spending time on all those activities and relax knowing you'll only ever pay once a client has been acquired.  


Making You Stand Out From The Crowd And Instantly Irresistible To Business Owners Looking For A New Accountant

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Zero Risk | Pay Per Client | No Retainer | No Ad Costs

Outstanding Co-Authored Book

Gives You Instant Authority And Clients Will See You In A Different Light

Gives You Instant Authority And Elevates You Above All Your Competition

The book we've created for you is focussed on how business owners build a financially sound, profitable and long-lasting business.

It took over 12 months to write and combines our sales and marketing expertise with expert accounting practices to create a genuinely unique, high quality book!

Your clients will LOVE it, especially when you give it to them for FREE!

And the best part is, the book is 90% complete, we just need to tailor the other 10% to you and your firm.

You choose a unique book title and cover design and we add your biography, acknowledgements and so on. We have specific versions for the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the EU. Your book will be an instant hit with your existing and new clients and we integrate it into your Client Acquisition Machine (see below) to maximise its impact... resulting in more referrals and more clients for you.  

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Zero Risk | Pay Per Client | No Retainer | No Ad Costs

FREE Access To The Conversion Academy

Genuinely Helps You And ALL Your Business Clients Make More Money

All good accountants help their clients build better businesses. Very few can demonstrate their commitment to doing this. Saying 'we help you grow your business' is all well and good, but everyone says it.

So imagine giving your clients FREE Lifetime Access (whilst they remain a client of yours!) to one of the world's most powerful and invitation only membership programs dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs sell more of their products or services. 

It includes FREE Lifetime Access to our highly acclaimed books and monthly live interactive online sessions on converting more website visitors and leads into sales.

Membership is normally £4,000/$5,000 a year per person, but you can offer FREE membership to all existing and new clients. This is a genuine game-changer for you and for them... and will ensure you deliver unmatched value to your business clients, resulting in even more referrals and clients for your firm! You can read more about the Conversion Academy here.

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Zero Risk | Pay Per Client | No Retainer | No Ad Costs

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Zero Risk | Pay Per Client | No Retainer | No Ad Costs

3-Minute Client Case Study

Demonstrates You Get Results For Your Business Clients

Provides Value To Clients And Is The Perfect Vehicle For Reminding Them About Your Referral Program

Along with your co-authored book, we've discovered that short, punchy case studies that prove you deliver results for your business clients, are extremely effective to demonstrate your expertise

Having written literally hundreds of Case Studies we've perfected the process and got it down to a 'fine art'.

Interestingly, the 'sweet spot' is a Case Study that's no longer than a 3 minute read. Once again we create and tailor the 3-Minute Client Case Study on your behalf (during your Onboarding Call with Steve (Hackney) - one of the co-founders and well-known marketing expert).

​Your Case Study will be another powerful asset that excites referred businesses owners and naturally draws them to you. 

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Zero Risk | Pay Per Client | No Retainer | No Ad Costs

High-Converting Landing Pages

Ensure You Get A Stream Of Leads And Meetings

Most accounting firms have an over-reliance on their website to deliver leads and sales. But in every test we've carried out over the last 20+ years, a website has never converted as well as a stand-alone 'landing page'.

Your website is still important it just should never be used as a 'conversion' device.

The solution is having a suite of landing pages that are proven to convert. You need one for each of your Attraction Assets: one for your book, one for your case study, one for the Conversion Academy and so on. 

In all, we build 7 completely tailored landing pages for you to ensure you fully capitalise on the interest and desire your Attraction Assets produce. 

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Zero Risk | Pay Per Client | No Retainer | No Ad Costs


Ensuring Clients Become Prolific Referrers And You Reach The Right Business Owners

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Zero Risk | Pay Per Client | No Retainer | No Ad Costs

Weekly Client Acquisition Bulletin

Provides Value To Clients And Is The Perfect Vehicle For Reminding Them About Your Referral Program 

Nurtures Interested Business Owners So They Turn To You When The Timing Is Right

The Weekly Bulletin is a truly awesome piece of content.

Written to give your clients unique bite-sized insights to building financially sound and profitable businesses (not boring, regurgitated or AI content!), your Weekly Bulletin is also the perfect and non-salesy way to remind clients about your referral program (you'll agree the referral program with Steve on your Onboarding Call. There are 3 highly effective referral programs that you can choose from).

The bulletin is fully branded to your accounting firm and includes the Attraction Assets we're revealing on this page. 

Better still, it's done for you and sent to your clients on your behalf every single week (whilst data protection is of course our priority, if you'd rather send it yourself, that's also fine, but it's so much easier for you if you let us handle it for you!).  

...and this is a killer punch... the bulletin also asks your clients to pass it on to other business owners, making it so easy for them to refer others to you! It doesn't get any better than this!

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Zero Risk | Pay Per Client | No Retainer | No Ad Costs


Provides A Huge Net To 'Catch' Business Owners Looking To Change Accountants Right NOW! 

The challenge with using conventional marketing tactics (Google Ads, Networking, LinkedIn, SEO, Social Media) is they are time consuming and costly. Plus, unless you're prepared to pay a small fortune every month, none of them have the reach to deliver a steady stream of leads and clients. 

But there is a highly effective solution... Email OUTREACH. 

Over the last 3 years we've perfected a truly astonishing system that has unparalleled reach to business owners on a one-to-one basis! Here's how it works...

  • We have just over 5 million verified business owner contacts with up to 100 employees on our prime target list across the main English speaking countries (UK, IRE, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ)
  • ​We reach out to at least 10,000 highly targeted business owners every month for you.​​
  • And because of the Attraction Assets we’ve built for you, any business owner thinking of changing accountants is magnetically drawn to you.
  • We create the emails, the landing pages, target the perfect businesses for you and send at least 2,500 emails every week on your behalf.
  • ​We use the latest technology and AI to ensure deliverability into the inbox's of your target business owners. 
  • ​​Completely done for you.

Obviously, reaching out to at least 10,000 business owners every month will deliver a steady supply of leads and meetings for you. Typically you'll convert 30-50% of these into clients. But what about the other 50-70% that DON'T convert? We send these prospects your Weekly Bulletin! It's a 360 all encompassing system that maximises EVERY opportunity like never before. 

You Already Know THIS Works...

In all likelihood you’re on this page because of two reasons... Either, you were referred to us, which shows we practice what we preach, or you received an outreach email  we’ve sent to you. The fact you're here reading this is proof of what we do works!

Zero Risk | Pay Per Client | No Retainer | No Ad Costs

Plus As Standard The 'Pay Per Client' Service Also Includes...


Other than your 45 minute Onboarding Call with us and approving the different elements of the Client Acquisition Machine, just sit back and relax and enjoy the process. We do EVERYTHING else.  


We'll create, tailor and install the Client Acquisition Machine into your accounting firm inside 28 days.


Every month we send you a summary of the campaign activity during the previous 4 weeks. You'll see how many emails have been sent and opened, and how many case study requests, inbound phone calls and lead forms have been generated. 


As one of our 'Pay Per Client' service accountants, we also give you FREE access to the Conversion Academy worth £4,000/$5,000 a year.

Zero Risk | Pay Per Client | No Retainer | No Ad Costs

Your Next Steps...


Click on the button below to arrange your FREE no-obligation meeting. 


You'll meet with Peter one of the founders. He'll explain how the Pay Per Client' service works, how it can be tailored and implemented inside your firm and you can both see if it's the right fit (or not).


If it is the right fit, then Peter will invite you to join the 'Pay Per Client' service so you can secure one of just 125 spots. Then it's up to you to accept or not!

Zero Risk | Pay Per Client | No Retainer | No Ad Costs