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Transforming Your Non-Converting 'HIDDEN' Traffic Into Customers 

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So, Why TraffiiX? 

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Most businesses convert between just 0.5% and 10% of the traffic they generate into leads and customers. Put another way... BETWEEN 90% AND 99.5% OF ALL AD SPEND IS WASTED EVERY MONTH. Despite this, marketers and business owners have reluctantly accepted this and spend time and money on nudging their conversion numbers up by focussing primarily on landing page conversion. 

Plus, with rising ad costs on platforms like Google, Facebook and YouTube, greater competition, changes to IOS and the impending Google Chrome cookie abolition, businesses are seeing steady and ever-increasing costs to acquire customers.

This is only going to get worse.

But what if you could actually focus on the 85% to 97% of traffic that doesn't initially take action... the 'invisible' visitors that leave even though they have shown some interest in your products or services?

TraffiiX uses state-of-the-art technology to identify these previously 'HIDDEN' visitors and convert a sizeable percentage of them into customers. We call this 'The Iceberg Effect'... 

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The 'Iceberg Effect' That Everyone (ELSE) Ignores... 

The 'Iceberg Effect' That Everyone (ELSE) Ignores... 

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Most agencies, conversion experts and business owners primarily focus on landing page conversions ('SEEN' traffic).

We call this the 'TIP' of the iceberg. Very little time, expertise and attention is focussed on the 'SUBMERGED' part of the iceberg... the 90% to 99.5% of 'HIDDEN', lost and wasted traffic that arrives on a website and initially leaves for a number of various reasons without taking action... EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE INTERESTED!

And with a number of proven and ethical tactics, TraffiiX are world leaders in converting this 'HIDDEN' traffic into customers. 

TraffiiX Is The Secret To Getting Many More Customers For Less Cost & Without Increasing Ad Spend  

Focussing on your 'HIDDEN' traffic is THE solution to increasing profits and mitigating the effects of rising costs to acquire customers. 

Without TraffiiX

  • No focus on 'HIDDEN' traffic
  • Rising costs to acquire customers
  • Lower conversion of visitors
  • Less sales
  • Margins squeezed

With TraffiiX

  • 100% Focus on 'HIDDEN' traffic
  • Plummeting acquisition cost
  • Soaring conversion of visitors
  • More sales
  • Increased profits

Isn't It Time To Buck The Trend & Maximise EVERY Penny You Spend On Advertising?

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TraffiiX Converts Your 'HIDDEN' Traffic To Restore Your Growth & Increase Profits

No other business has access to the technology and services we include as part of the TraffiiX solution.

If you're based in the US and run a multi-million dollar business serving consumers (B2C), TraffiiX will have a significant positive impact on reducing your costs to acquire customers and increasing the number of customers you get from the huge percentage (85% - 97%) of 'HIDDEN' traffic that arrives on your landing pages and initially leaves without taking action. 

What's more, you can try TraffiiX without cost or obligation, free for 30 days. We're so confident TraffiiX will deliver game-changing results for you that we'll put the full suite of services in place for free, so you can see for yourself before making any financial commitment (we don't even ask for your credit card details when you sign up for the free trial)!  

But That's Not All TraffiiX Does...

TraffiiX Uses AI & Machine Learning To ALSO Target NEW 'In-Market' Dream Clients And Drive Them To Your Website & Landing Pages...

...and we do it ALL for you...


You Can't Convert If You Don't Know WHO They Are 

The first and most important stage is to place our plug and play Super VIP Pixel code on your website and all other landing pages. The VIP Pixel Code enables us to match 60-70% of all your 'HIDDEN' traffic to real people within minutes of them landing on your pages (so we can market to them and profile them so we can target more of them - see below).

We're able to do this because the VIP Pixel Code is automatically linked to  our database of over 270 million user profiles (in the US) and the tracking of 1.9 trillion real-time behaviours.

Our VIP Pixel also offers powerful prospect profiling, parameters including full name, email, phone number, credit score, and household income to name but a few.

Furthermore, to ensure the utmost precision in our data, we've implemented a thorough validation process that includes the National Change of Address database and email verification and Household IP database to ensure accuracy.

We send your unique VIP Pixel Code to you (or your web developer) and it takes just seconds to set up. 

Now we're fully armed with the actual details of your 'HIDDEN' visitors we're able to move to step 2...

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No credit card required. No contracts. Cancel anytime.

STEP #2: TraffiiX RESCUE:

Automatically Converting 'Hidden' Traffic Into Leads & Sales 

Now we've identified your 'HIDDEN' traffic (using a potent combination of the VIP Pixel Code and our database), we're able to re-engage with those visitors who didn't originally take any action on your site.

Our expert team of copywriters will craft the perfect messages to reach out to those visitors to at the very least DOUBLE your leads and therefore sales, WITHOUT ever increasing your ad spend… all with zero effort on your part (other than approving the email content of course!).

And our dedicated and bullet proof email systems will deliver those messages automatically irrespective of the volume of 'HIDDEN' visitors we identify (several hundred thousand emails can be sent daily for you). We do all the hard work and heavy lifting for you... and you simply watch your leads, sales and profits soar!

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STEP #3: TraffiiX iMATCH:

Identifying Your Dream Customers Who Are Looking To Buy Your Products & Services Right NOW 

Imagine having access in real-time to people across the entire US who are actively looking right now to buy your products or services. Well, with iMatch this is absolutely possible.

iMatch, is the first and only service capable of identifying your ideal prospects who are right now searching for your product or service and INTENT ON TAKING ACTION.

Our audience graph is truly unmatched, with over 270 million digital profiles and the ability to track a total of 1.9 trillion behaviours in real-time (for example if someone is searching for 'holiday in the virgin islands' or 'new bathroom' we can identify them). This results in highly accurate and effective targeting, allowing us to reach your desired audience with ease (see Step #4).

But that's not all - with Traffiix iMatch, you can also target the audience who is most ready to take action, every 24-hours! Gone are the days of platform limitations like interest-only targeting and the challenges introduced by iOS 14+.

With Traffiix iMatch, you'll have the ultimate ad budget-busting audience builder of the future at your fingertips right now. 

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Multiply Your Leads & Sales By Targeting High Intent Prospects 

Traffiix Explosion is the perfect solution for companies looking to reach many more potential customers.

Once iMATCH has identified thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of prospects who are 'in-market' and actively looking for your products or services, EXPLOSION is the delivery mechanism we use to reach those prospects.

We use our email outreach service to communicate directly with each prospect (again our expert team of copywriters craft the perfect message aligned to the individual characteristics and profile of each person).

You obviously have full control over the messaging and the audience(s) that you are targeting, allowing us to personalize the approach to maximize your results. 

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STEP #5: TraffiiX AdsIQ:

2050 Retargeting Technology Available Today Which Finally Masters The Ad Platform Algorithms To ELIMINATE Guesswork To Reduce CPA

TraffiiX AdsIQ is a tool that uses special technology to enhance the data of the visitors to your website, obtained from your advertising efforts.

The enriched data is then fed back to the ad platforms (such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube), which in turn allows for a more targeted ad delivery. This leads to an increased number and quality of new visitors to your website.

By resolving more data from each visitor, the ad platform algorithms become more efficient and accurate, which results in lower advertising costs and lower cost per acquisition.

Additionally, this technology also accelerates the process of building a powerful custom audience, which in turn optimizes the platform's ability to find and target similar individuals.

This process is known as "feedback loop lookalike building" and leads to a more accurate and low-cost advertising strategy over time.

To find out how it works in greater detail speak with one of our experts…and try it For FREE!

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TraffiiX Gives You Everything You Need To Convert Your 'HIDDEN' Traffic & Find More Dream Customers...

And You Don't Have To Lift A Single Finger...

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Introducing Our Unique Pricing Model...

Try Before You Buy And Only Pay For Results...

The ZERO Risk 30-Day FREE Trial...

We are 100% confident TraffiiX will have a significant impact on your results. But because this is a new and revolutionary game-changing service that no-one else provides, we understand you may have your reservations.

So to eliminate all your risk, you can try TraffiiX FREE for 30 days. The FREE trial includes all 5 TraffiiX services. Then at the end of the trial you'll know how well TraffiiX has worked for you.

In 30 days you'll see your sales soar and your cost of acquisition plummet... then you decide if you want to work with us...

Pay Only For Results...

We strongly believe that clients should only pay for results when they invest in TraffiiX. Therefore, we don't charge a 'service' or 'management' fee. Instead we have a results-based approach to how you pay us. 

Typically our charges are 75% LESS than what it currently costs you to generate a lead or a sale and you only pay after either one is generated. 

How To Get Started & What Happens Next

Simply click the button below and enter your details. You'll then be taken to our calendar page where you can arrange your 'Onboarding Call'. You'll meet with one of the directors and they will explain the process and gather the information we need to get you started. Typically we will get you launched within 3 hours (yes just 3 hours) and the full suite of services will be live within 48 hours...

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